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About Us

About Us

Hisarlar Tarım Makineleri has been manufacturing soil cultivation machinery with its own design and production capabilities in the Agricultural Machinery Sector since 1984. As an expert in agricultural equipment, which complements the tractor, Hisarlar Tarım Makineleri has a wide range of products and is a leading agricultural machinery manufacturer that has been serving the Turkish agriculture for over 35 years and exporting to 36 countries. The Hisarlar brand represents trust in both national and global markets. With a corporate culture that emphasizes continuous improvement and sets itself apart with its commitment to quality, we are constantly driven to seek better and newer solutions. Based on the predictions significant socio-economic developments in the world will revolve around agriculture and agricultural products in the distant future, we continue to design and implement innovative and value-added products that cater to all stages of agriculture mechanization.

Since June 2021, Erkunt Tractor Industry Inc., one of Turkey's leading tractor manufacturers, has acquired selected assets of Hisarlar Makina Industry and Trade Inc. in the Agricultural Machinery sector. These assets include the Hisarlar brand, product intellectual property rights, and manufacturing assets.

Hisarlar places great importance on R&D and remains the first R&D center in Turkey's Agricultural Machinery sector. With a culture that allocates significant resources to R&D and closely follows technology, Hisarlar incorporates innovation into its production processes.

Innovation is the process of transforming new ideas (such as products, methods, or services) into valuable outputs. This process consists of two fundamental steps. The first step, which is important in initiating the innovation process, involves the emerge of new and creative ideas. These new ideas, which can respond to social and economic needs, generate mature projects with new product, service, application, method, or business model ideas that can create new markets for Erkunt Tractor.

Hisarlar is determined to become a respected brand worldwide with its high-quality and high production capacity, particularly with its exports to prestigious industries in Europe, its high-efficiency R&D investments, and technological superiority in the field of agricultural mechanization.