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The most important key to the success of our family is the individual.

Based on the principle of "People First," our Human Resources policy is built on providing an efficient working environment for all members of our family, ensuring their personal and professional development, and maintaining their commitment to our values.

In our contemporary Human Resources structure, our fundamental mission is to align the goals and expectations of our employees with company values, thereby enabling effective, productive, and motivated employees to achieve their objectives. Recognizing people as our most valuable asset, we support the company's goals, overall strategic business plans, and objectives through our HR management, which contributes to achieving them. When selecting our family members, we make hiring decisions without discrimination, focusing not only on technical knowledge and skills but also on supporting Hisarlar values.

Aligned with our R&D-Technology strategies, we create development programs to enhance the competence of our human resources. We establish development and support programs for our employees, take steps to solve their problems, and improve internal communication channels.

We embrace the vision, mission, and values of our corporate identity and incorporate our HR policies in line with our vision while implementing them. We empower our employees and create environments where they can directly contribute to our business results. When conducting performance evaluations, we prioritize assessing individual performance and alignment with the corporate culture. Performance evaluation results are utilized as the most crucial data source for areas such as salary management and career development. To support our employees in achieving their individual and organizational career goals, we provide development and training programs that align with their career aspirations. As Hisarlar, we are aware of the importance of education and development in order to reach our goals in line with the principle of continuous improvement required by today's competitive conditions. We determine our training and development needs in collaboration with our employees and provide the necessary solutions to meet these needs. We organize technical training programs to enhance professional skills and motivation-oriented personal development training sessions. During our employees' career journeys, we offer various certification training programs through our in-house trainers and solution partners. We ensure a safe working environment through effective Occupational Health and Safety policies.